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Once all initial planning and tendering has informed the project programme, it is the construction manager’s job to notify contractors of that programme. That way main contractors can schedule labour, equipment and materials with vendors accordingly. A construction project manager’s job description is simple when observed through the lens of the project management triangle. Summed up as “fast, good, or cheap…pick two”, the concept asserts that there are firm boundaries on what is possible to produce. Unfortunately, it overcomplicates the view of daily tasks and progression timelines for those in the field who need to take a quick glance at the status of a project.

For example, a Level 2 qualification can be achieved instead of five GCSE C grades or above, before then working up into a management position. Level 3 qualifications can be attained, as well as work experience, or progressing to a degree in a related subject. Construction is hard physical labor, and it’s an asset if the construction manager is able to work on construction tasks. Physical stamina isn’t a strict requirement for every construction management job; there are cases when a construction manager can act as overseer without actually doing any of the labor. However, there are likely to be times when a physically weak construction manager will be at a major disadvantage on the job, or might even lose out on securing some jobs.

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Construction Manager Project Manager for Main Contractor Hiring Process and Level of Involvement Hired by owners during planning or pre-construction. The triangle metaphor implies there is no way to provide goods or services that are simultaneously on budget, on time, and of high quality because of the competing nature of these priorities. In addition, whether due to requests not considered by the design team, questions already answered in the original contract, or because they are focused on means and methods, more than one in ten of the RFIs were listed as “unjustifiable”.

What qualifications do I need to be a project manager?

Typical requirements generally include at least three years of experience in a related role, the ability to communicate, formal training, and a PMP certification. Certification can be acquired through a professional association, a university or college, or through a specially focused online learning program.

You will learn about the principles involved in building heat transfer, occupant thermal comfort, illumination and acoustics. You will explore the need for mechanical and electrical engineering services in the building envelope and develop an understanding of typical building services systems technology. Although this is a definitive guide, there’s still more in-depth research that needs to be done before beginning a career in construction management. With that in mind, if you’re looking for whichcolleges offer construction management programmes, don’t just look at the cost of tuition—because it ain’t cheap—look at the value of the degree.

Qualifications for Project Management in The Construction Industry

Some construction managers become qualified after spending the majority of their early years in a specialised trade like carpentry, masonry or other construction specialities. Allocating resources in construction is one of the biggest chess games of a construction manager’s life. For more information about the types of modules that students study as part of construction management degree courses, see Construction project management course essentials.

For example, you may be involved in the project lifecycle from its initial concept through to its handover to the client or you may be predominantly focused on a single stage, such as the on-site construction phase or the pre-construction phase. Discover the duties and how to become a project manager responsibilities of a construction project manager and find out what it is like to pursue the profession. It’s incredible to witness a baby construction site evolve from a ground-level pile of materials to a stunning high-rise, hospital, office building, or university.

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It will encourage a deep level of understanding of corporate behaviour, the evolution of strategies and their implementation, and the significance for the built environment sector. You will be able to discuss the key role of the construction industry in the economy, current economic issues and management challenges in the construction and property context. The first step on the journey to becoming a construction manager is earning a bachelor’s degree in construction management or another related field.

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