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As a health care provider, your first priority is caring for patients — and the buildup of everyday tasks like paperwork, scheduling, and billing can get in the way of that. Patient management ERP software, or a medical practice management system, can free up time, helping you and your staff focus on care delivery rather than these time-consuming operations. It is also known as clinic management software, patient management software, or medical patient software. It refers to several efficient automated systems that track patient information, diagnoses, prescriptions, interactions, and encounters within health care organizations like medical clinics or hospitals.

What is Patient Management Software

According to the medical dictionary, Patient management ERP Software is “a description of the interaction between the patient and the health care team, from intake to discharge. It includes communication, empathy, examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis, and intervention.” It aims not only at treating different health conditions of patients but also to forge meaningful relationships with them. This focus builds an intimate understanding between patients and caregivers, which leads to better health outcomes.

Patient management systems are vital in helping health care institutions achieve patient satisfaction and increase revenue. They combine medical data with administrative software to streamline workflows while optimizing patient management. Tasks such as medical billing, appointment scheduling, inventory management, lab work, and more are straightforward with patient management software. Some software applications focus on general patient management, while others address specific processes such as inpatient tracking or blood testing. They all have in common that they make your job as a care provider smoother and more manageable. The FDA now considers software like this its own category of software as a medical device, so it’s important to know what’s what in this field!

Our software has various features and modules. We have developed this software by experienced engineers. This software is a very important role for a hospital or medical center. The patient management system software has various features including patient issues, and medication calculation which is very easy and saves a lot of time.


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Requirement Analysis for

Patient Tax Management Software

Based on the initial study of your requirements,  with combined software modules of all activities including-

Primary Outcome of the Automation System

  • Desktop Version- Windows (Same Designing for all App)
  • Android Version- Android Tablet & Smart Phone(Same Designing for all App)
  • IOS version- iPad, iPhone (Same Designing for all App)
  • Support for printing from Smartphones
  • SMS Module
  • Drug Management
  • Tele-Prescription
  • Unlimited subscribers
  • Admin Panel
  • System Utilities, Information Analysis & Reporting Module
  • Software Framework, Administration & Security Management

Summary of the baseline architecture

  • Design and backup data will be similar to our design template. Your existing design & all backup data will be under our customized template.
  • Applicable for Both Desktop, Android & IOS versions.
  • Cell phone to printer connection.
  • The day before the next visit, the patient will get an automatic SMS as a reminder.
  • In the Drug History part, the drug will type as a brand name but automatically will convert to Generic form. Eg. type Napa but come as Paracetamol (As like as Zilsoft)
  • The prescription will be saved, printed, and send option by email/WhatsApp/IMO. And we can centrally monitor for other purposes.
  • Suppose, this app will be given to 20,000 doctors for free by our company. Therefore, we need 20,000 different codes/passwords for activation and their uses. The process may be like a password containing a scratch card (A simple method for activation as a purchased copy).
  • This design and copyright will be solely in favor of The Pharma 360.
  • Since this app will be used by a third party, our employee will maintain with admin panel. Need your service only in extreme cases.

Programming Terminologies

  • Stable and latest technologies & frameworks used
  • 3 Tier Architecture, Agile based development
  • Highly Scalable Database System
  • Microsoft Provided Login &Security System
  • Light-weight UI design for high data traffic
  • Data encryption for securing sensitive information
  • Mobile & Desktop internet browsers compatible

Technologies Used for Development

  • Flutter for App
  • Extreme SAAS Framework for Back-office
  • Android Studio with Dart Language
  • Microsoft® 4.8 with HTML5 & CSS3 for front-end
  • Microsoft® C# as back-office coding language
  • Web API
  • Microsoft® SQL Server for Database
  • Crystal Reports for reporting
  • JQuery for AJAX functionalities
  • NUnit for Testing

Software Feature Details [Task List]

Common Features

  • Fully Native App
  • Single Prescription Writing Interface
  • Integrated Telemedicine System
  • 20,000+ BD Medicine Data with Brand & Generic Info
  • Chief Complain/ Symptom Management
  • Patients all Record in Central Database
  • Diagnosis History keeping
  • Visit Charges Collection & Money Receipt
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Operation Manual & Video Tutorials
  • 11. Reporting & Statements Module
  • Secured Administration & User Panel
  • Web-based centralized server-based system
  • Compatible with smart devices/mobile browsers
  • Multi-users with multi authorization types
  • Time-based Multiple User Data-Entry Management
  • Transactional SMS/ Email Integration
  • Searching & reporting data by any criteria.
  • User authentication & authorization assigned by the Administrator

Mobile App

  • Design will be as provided by the customer
  • Patient Profile Setup
  • Doctors Profile Setup
  • New Prescription
  • Patient Serial
  • Drug Index Setup
  • Settings
  • Disease Condition
  • O/E
  • C/C
  • Pharma Updates
  • Documents Setup
  • Telemedicine Print
  • History
  • Medication
  • Advice
  • Users Info Setup
  • Design and copyright will be solely in favor of The Pharma 360.

Admin Panel

  • Doctors Information Setup
  • Manage Licenses for Doctors
  • Analyze Prescriptions
  • Centralized Administration
  • Users & Security Management
  • Create Unlimited subscriptions
  • Database Backup
  • Auto Notification on important incidents
  • Reports Sending option by Mail from Software
  • Notice Board
  • Internal Messaging
  • Send Messages
  • Received Messages
  • Documents Library
  • User Profile
  • Create Login Profile
  • User Permissions Level
  • Menu Structure
  • Menu Level Security
  • Form Level Security
  • Block User
  • Reset Password
  • User Login History
  • Working Offices Setup
  • Authorization Setup/ User Permission (Add, Edit, Delete, View, Menu, Download, Print, Approval, Process, etc.)

Server Setup &Maintenance

  • Setup Operating System (If Necessary)
  • Install Necessary Security Updates & Antivirus Software
  • Configure Hosting Environments (IIS & hosting bundles)
  • Install Database Application
  • Configure Database Application
  • Deploy the Software Application
  • Monthly at-least 1-time server health checkup & maintenance

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Patient Mangement ERP Software

Financial Proposal

We are offering you this financial proposal for development and maintenance Services.


Patient Management ERP Software

Android Version


Desktop (Windows) Version

Web Admin Panel

Service &

Domain & Hosting


  • Fully Native App
  • Single Prescription Writing Interface
  • Integrated Telemedicine System
  • 20,000+ BD Medicine Data with Brand & Generic Info
  • Chief Complain/ Symptom Management
  • Patients all Record in Central Database
  • Diagnosis History keeping
  • Visit Charges Collection & Money Receipt
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Operation Manual & Video Tutorials
  • Reporting & Statements Module

Same data & operation features as in the Android version

Same data & operation features as in the Android version

1. Doctors Information Setup
2. Manage Licenses for Doctors
3. Analyze Prescriptions
4. Centralized Administration
5. Users & Security Management

Customizations and Support for 01 year.

1. 01 Tld domain name Registration
2. 2GB windows shared hosting

Amount (TK)


In words: Taka SixLac Only.

Payment Terms:
Payment terms & schedules are given below.
  • 50% of the Total Software Development cost will be paid upon work order.
  • Rest 50% will be paid upon Final Delivery
ETA for Initial Delivery: 3 Months.
Note Please: Charges are applicable for any other services which are not mentioned in the proposal.

Development Strategy

All our software development process has a project strategy. The below diagram states our way of working in an agile-based software development lifecycle.

Summary of the Development Milestone:

  • 1st Phase (1 month): We will assign 3 engineers (1 analyst, 1 coder, 1 QA) for tasks done. Data Sheet Study and all required Form Layouts, Menu Links, and Database Tables will be created.
  • 2nd Phase (1 month): Module-wise outcome testing by operational departments. Features testing, QA & bugs fixing as per users’ final requirements and give a trial for live entry.
  • Finalizing for Production: Preparation for live data entry. In the meantime, undone essential reports will also be completed.
  • The software will be ready for live data entry within 3 months from the date of the work order.

Software Implementation Plan

  • After Service Contact Period you can ask for a yearly service contract renewal based upon the following conditions-
  • 20% of the total amount of Software for Yearly Service Contact.